Vodafone zoozooo wallpapers

magine running back in time a couple of decades ago. Virtually, only hi-profile businesses and offices luxuriously furnished with glass ware could afford to buy a printer for their desktop or office work.

20 years later, into the present, a colossal change in the technology and time makes printers very affordable and coarse to commoners.Well, that’s about the regular 2D printers that we have using to print our office documents or recorded pictures, etc for a long time. But, how about printing an object in 3D?

Imagine printing a cell phone case or a London Bridge replica for your child’s school project which looks as real as you desire at just a few clicks. Wouldn’t it be great?

No, we are not talking about making a clay model of something, painting it with some color and letting it dry until you realize that you’ve actually built something that does not even slightly resemble to what you actually wanted.

Mcor Technologies, a world famous organization excelling in 3D printing solutions has launched a revolutionary that can print literally all the objects you on your desktop. It looks like a microwave oven and can print even burgers and pizzas easily (but definitely not the ones you would like to eat).

The process is really simple. The Matrix uses A4 paper as its raw material to create a . First, a water soluble adhesive is applied between sheets of paper to combine and reinforce them. Then, the unnecessary part of the design is sliced off by the Tungsten Carbide Blade into the printer which leaves a 3D image stacking up to form model, one page at a time.

As the process of is complete, the obtained product is not as rigid and solid as the final product. So, the 3D image is left to hardening and reportedly it resembles wood in its feel and constituency.

To use color for 3D , color papers can be used. Another popular way of modelling 3D objects is by using a 3D scanner

to scan the desired object first and then printing it using a after the required remodelling is done.


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