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The site is called Lockerz!!

Log in and answer a daily question to get like, 10 points~
You can get gifts like games, clothing and they offer tickets to HUGE concerts.

The site launches publicly October 15th, so you can’t sign up regularly, You must be invited!!

I got a few e-mail invites left to send out.

When you sign up you get a chance to play this game, where you move a basket around and catch falling points. I got 28 to start.Its too bad compare to others. be careful at first time get maximum in first try….!!

Stuff here is really cheap, Wii/360 games are like 35-50 points total. Wii’s are 250 points, Macbooks are 1000 points, etc.

Leave your e-mail here, or PM me and i’ll send you an invite!

online on yahoo messenger: jacky_engg@yahoo.co.in

Comments on: "Online Earn — Redeem Gifts" (27)

  1. spongess said:

    please send an invite to brorkristiansen@gmail.com, thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi,

    can u invite me to lockerz?? 😉

    Thx in advance…


  3. Chaitanya said:

    Bro .. plz invite me if u have one …

    email : wellwisher23@yahoo.com

    • jaiminbhagat said:

      i sent you Chaitanya & xokys plz check your mail box it take some time.
      & if not in mail box then check spam box…!!
      thank you

  4. plz invite me


  5. Could I get an invite?
    My email is nonamedood@gmail.com

    • jaiminbhagat said:

      hey…BFurt Someone else already sent you invitation…
      its already in lockerz system so i am not able to send you invitation.
      or check your spam folder…!!!
      so keep waiting…!!

  6. Please send an invite (if you have one left) to texaslolamy@gmail.com

    Thank you so much!

    • jaiminbhagat said:

      sorry Amy i am not able to send you invitation …your email already in lockerz system..soon you ll get invitation

  7. Sorry, but I have this problem :



    Anyone can help me ?…

  8. Hey can I get an invite ^_^. Please send it here blackyholey@gmail.com. Thanks!

  9. Jose Luis Sanchez said:

    Pleeease, invite me!!!! perpinote@gmail.com

    Thnx a lot

  10. Bond James Bond said:

    Hey dude, Wud plz tell me………. Hows u earn Pointz by this BLOG?????

    • jaiminbhagat said:

      nothing to earn…!!
      only share d information..!!
      for earning purpose go for blogspot..!!
      are you from Ahmedabad..??
      Plz write your correct information

  11. hey send me one jc_freak831@yahoo.com please and thank you=)

    • jaiminbhagat said:

      hey..Olivia sorry…i am not able to send you mail …
      your mail already in system someone else sent you mail…
      check your spam box..!!

  12. does this site really work?

  13. hey can i get an invite please?

  14. can i get an invite please??

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