Vodafone zoozooo wallpapers

I recently Downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS3

while installing an error related to my Samsung LCD


me little confused coz i installed photoshop many times but never seen this monitor related problem as a user i click on Use Anyway………..

but while editing some pictures a strange problem didn’t  get White color.

i checked all color setting even try R:255 G:255 B:255 still color was creamy / Yellow.

photo colour

but i mess with photoshop & get d white color yuppie…!!!
This Problem Due To Samsumg Drivers…if you have same problem Remove Samsung Driver

& then Do Reset Preferences in photoshop.

A lot of Photoshop problems can be fixed by dumping the preferences file: While launching Photoshop, Hold down Alt+Ctrl+shift on the PC or Cmd+Option+Shift on the mac. When asked to reset the preferences say yes.

After that if first message related to samsung monitor , wisely choose “Ignore Profile”.
**Before you do this, save your custom Patterns, actions, styles, brushes, gradients, shapes and color pallettes. These will also be reset. Tip: You can create an action to do this, so you have a one click backup!


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